Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The photos!!!

Here are the girls playing with the ships. They enjoyed this so much. (Hey I figured out how to do this I think)
There are the 3 ships. Nina,Pita and Santa Marie. Of course the whale and dolphin had to be a part of the Atlantic Ocean.

This is our Science experiement. The glass with salt is showned with the egg floating and the glass with no salt showed that the egg sinks. Pretty neat!!!

They are having a blast with this!!! Oh ignore my messy table. Been to busy to worry with cleaning up. LOL

Zayda is enjoying her Red,White and Blue dessert!!! Yum Yum!!!

Jaden didnt want to have her picture made but I sneaked one in. Hehe!!! She really loved this!!!

Doesnt it look yummy!!! You cant really see the blueberries but it was yogurt,blueberries,strawberries and of course a fancy glass!!!
So now that I have figured out how to get text with each photo, the post will start to look better. LOL
In addition to all these wonderful things, we are doing our phonics,reading,math,writing,spelling,art,dance class,nature walk,Co ops,Homeschooling group meetings,Girl Scouts and field trips. Lets not forget our church activities. So we are more than alittle busy.

What we have been learning

Its been awhile since I posted. Its been crazy getting use to homeschooling. Our days have been very busy. We are using My Fathers World for our History,Bible and Science now.

This week we learned about Christopher Columbus and how he discovered America. Last week we learned about Lief Ericsson and the Vikings.

Today we made ships out of foil. We made Nina,Pita and Santa Marie(Christopher Columbus's ship). We sailed them in the Atlanic Ocean.(our bathtub) We started out in Spain and sailed aross the ocean to America. The girls really enjoyed this. They then had to play for awhile with the ships.

We are having a great time with the MFW curriculum. The first day we made a red,white and blue dessert as we learned about the Flag.

In Science we did an experiment with salt to see if salt changed the way things float. We used eggs and the glass that had salt in it was the one that the egg floated in. The other glass with no salt was the one the egg sank in. The girls loved it.

Since I have not figured out how to post the pics and then write text underneath them, all the pics will be in the next post. LOL I cant figure out how to get them at the bottom or in the middle. They always land on top of my post. LOL

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Pictures of What God Made

Here are the girls pictures. Jaden's is the first one and Zayda's is the second one. They put little butterfly stickers on them as well. They were very proud of there little pictures.

First Day of School

Our first day of school was Monday. We started the day off with a Bible story about what God Made. The girls really enjoyed the story and I let them color a picture of things God Made.
We reviewed 1st grade by going over our letters and sounds. Jaden already knows this but it was helpful for Zayda. We then read a story called Katy Duck. After that they went outside to play alittle while. Little did I know what was in store for the day. LOL
We spent the rest of the day doing writing,math,seatwork,Poetry,Letters & Sounds and trying to get use to our new curriculum. There is really alot with the Abeka curriculum.
We had a good first day considering I had an extra child to care for that day. I dont think we finished till 3pm.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Our School Room

Here is our school room/Playroom.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jaden & Zayda very excited about 4th of July Parade.

Our first year of Homeschooling!!!

We are very excited to start our first year of homeschooling. We cant wait to get started.

We are using Abeka Curriculum. Jaden is in 2nd grade and Zayda is Pre K. We will be sharing things we learn and projects we do on this blog. We welcome family and friends to visit us often to see what fun things the girls are doing and learning about. It will be a year full of fun and learning. And of course Faith,Hope & Love.